who we are

What's important to us?

Discovery Fellowship is here to help people discover, trust & follow Jesus and to help transform our community into a better place for everyone.  For more on our mission and vision please go HERE

Why a coffee shop?

To start with, we really love good coffee! Additionally, since the Bible doesn't tell churches where they should or should not gather to worship, we've decided to go where people are more at ease. Exiting our institutional building has also freed up much needed resources so we can invest more time, money and energy into our community. 

Are we more than just a coffee shop church?

Absolutely! We're creating other fresh expressions of church throughout Eaton County that are easy to access and centered on the wants and needs of people. These micro churches could include a dinner church, a house church, a recovery church and more. There are no limits to where, when or what time of the day people can gather to discover Jesus in fresh new ways.

Who are we?

We are Christians; members of the Free Methodist Church USA. Since 1860 Free Methodists have focused on sharing the good news about Jesus with others, and helping people in need. The causes we champion include human freedom, the freedom of every race and ethnicity to worship together in unity, the freedom of women and men to be treated equally, the freedom of the poor to be treated with dignity and the freedom of pastors and church members to share authority in the church equally. For more on the Free Methodist Church please watch this short VIDEO

Who's on our team?

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